And the parenting award for the year goes to Alicia Carroll! Woohoo! Nailed it!

Carrol is the egg-donor whose seven year old daughter was left in a dumpster. That’s right folks, not at a day-care facility that could keep an eye on her kid while she appears to have spent her time taking the edge off of parenting-stress at a local Dallas, Texas spa, but in the same receptacle where you place your old beverage containers, used paper towels, food waste, and perhaps even animal waste. Although, it is not entirely clear whether or not she actually dumped her kid before, after, of sometime during her spa visit, as Ms. Carrol and her entourage, that seemed to have included her boyfriend her daughter, and another friend, were kicked out of the spa for sneaking booze in. That was at 10 p.m.

Instead of getting a ride home, she opted to crash and catch a little shut-eye, with daughter in tow, in said dumpster. What happened to the boyfriend? It would seem he cared about as much for the girl as he did for her mother and just ditched them on the street. What a prize of a male specimen. On top of that she appears to have a really good “friend” as no ride home manifested with that person either.

After sleeping it off, Ms. Carroll bailed out of the trash bin, sans child. She called the authorities and blamed a friend for losing track of her daughter. Would that be the same friend she appeared to have partied it up with? Birds of a feather…

The daughter was found wandering the streets. Ms. Carroll landed herself in another type of trash receptacle; the local hoosegow. There is a high likelihood that someone of Ms. Carroll’s stellar integrity and moralistic value is not going to be able to come up with the $25,000.00 bail needed for abandoning her daughter-in the trash.

How sad and scary for that child, with respect to being dumped in the trash, and being “raised” by this piece of garbage.



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