With all due respect to the world’s first openly gay lesbian bishop for the church of Sweden, it would seem however more logical to be more concerned about ones physical well-being and how devote Muslims who follow the Koran view a “gay lifestyle” rather then attempting to remove whatever religious symbol, is deemed offensive.

In that the Koran has some rather specific and violent decrease in how to deal with those who practice such a “lifestyle.”

Bishop Eva Brunne has a young son with her wife, and fellow lesbian priest, Gunilla Linden, and the church she’s interested in serving in, is the “Seamen’s’ Mission Church” in Stockholm’s eastern dockyards.

Recently the good bishop reportedly held a meeting this year, where she challenged the priest to explain what he would do if a ship’s crew came into the port and if they weren’t Christian but wanted to pray.

Brunne then went on to claim that Muslims who visit the church are “angels.”

She then took to her blog to propose that all Christian symbols should be removed for the church so that they could prepare the building for Muslim prayer.

However Father Patrik Pettersson, one of the priests in Brunne’s diocese also took to his own blog to fire back at her proposal, arguing that there is absolutely no logic in equating a consecrated church with a prayer room.

Moreover what seems to be purposely or cleverly ignored is perhaps the most basic of all questions, in short would devote Muslims worship within a facility that in a sense is run by a lesbian bishop, and in total contradiction within the teachings of the Koran?

What do you think of Bishop Eva Brunne’s proposal?

h/t: American News



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