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Out of the 196 various countries that reside on planet Earth, only two provide the unique service known as Birthright Citizenship. The United States and Canada. Today, it's also the best scam going, with Chinese women paying up to $60,000 to visit America and pop out a baby while on US soil. Unfortunately, this age-old tried and true scheme doesn't start and stop there.

Through most of the 20th century and well into our modern times, illegal immigrants have also taken advantage of this rule, which should be updated to require something a bit more than a mere 9 months of pregnancy towards instant citizenship. Mexican women who hop the border do so in order for their own babies to be born in the USA, which will eventually earn citizenship for the whole clan.

Once that child hits American air in an American hospital, they become what was once known as an 'anchor baby' which would solidify many new benefits beyond the obvious free healthcare and welfare. When those children turn 21, they can sponsor members of their family living in other countries to come to the United States, a part of a family reunification program that goes above and beyond the average amount of legal immigrants that are processed yearly.

Add to that the illegals who have also flooded our borders by the millions over the last few decades, their anchor babies have swelled our populations not with productive citizens, but with taxpayer-funded debts to pay for benefits that no American born working citizen has any access for themselves. Those illegal immigrants are actually rewarded for breaking our immigration laws just by having a baby, with no end in sight.

Violating US law to come to America to drop an anchor baby with the intention to soak up as many free benefits as possible, is taking America into an unsustainable future. With more than 40 million unemployed Americans who are desperate for a job, we can no longer afford to keep these highly damaging policies in place.

If we can adapt to a system where the requirement for Birthright Citizenship consists of a baby born from two parents who are US Citizens, we can slow the scam down considerably, if not stop it. Citizenship of any babies born in America should reside with the foreign parent, who can get in line with the rest of the hopeful legal immigrant applicants if they want to live in America as a productive citizen.

Or just break the law, as the scam currently stands. Why not? Liberal Democrats aren't enforcing anything these days, but then, why would criminals truly want to police themselves?


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