Louisiana isn't known for being progressive in any sense of the word, but a recent move by the Louisiana House may just give it that title. The bill being moved has to do with so-called "sanctuary cities" and it would finally bring some closure to the matter.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a sanctuary city is a city or jurisdiction that has made a decision not to deport criminal illegal immigrants. In essence, a sanctuary city gives illegal immigrants a haven where they can avoid the penalties for breaking the law.

Thankfully, Louisiana is taking a move forward against the formation and continuation of sanctuary cities. The new bill being put forward in the state legislature would make it impossible for any cities who establish sanctuary-like rules to borrow money from the state government.

Unfortunately for Louisiana, two cities in the state already have sanctuary laws and policies in place. But this law would affect those two cities, Lafayette and New Orleans, and hopefully push them to change their policies.

It seems ridiculous that a state would need to pass a law that would insure that cities within that state uphold the laws of the country, but it appears that we have reached that point.

Opponents of the Louisiana bill say that the bill would diminish the strength of local government. They also say that it would decay any bridges of trust that have been erected between the government and immigrant communities.

The local government argument is semi-valid. It's true that local government needs to be given power, but at what cost? Should they be allowed to circumvent national laws which are in place for the protection of the nation from terrorists and illegal immigrant crime as a whole?

The argument about decaying trust between immigrant communities, however, is ridiculous. There doesn't need to be understanding, there needs to be law, order, and justice. That's how countries work.

h/t: Washington Post

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