If Hillary Clinton is elected president, she will enter the White House with her husband, Bill Clinton, at her side. Those old enough to remember will be holding their breath. The nation during Bill Clinton’s presidency suffered through an extended period of scandals caused by his serial infidelities, and evidence has emerged that Bill Clinton has continued his indecorous behavior out of office.

When he was in office, Clinton was found in civil contempt of court by a federal district court judge based on his failure to answer truthfully to questions asked of him when he was deposed in a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by Paula Jones. The questions were about Monica Lewinsky.

Lewinsky later produced a blue dress containing dried semen. Clinton, while President, then had the inside of his cheek swabbed by court order. His DNA was found to match what was found on Lewinsky’s dress. It wasn’t the sex, by the way, that got Clinton into legal trouble, it was his lying under oath about it in Jones’ sexual harassment action.

Whatever your perspective, this was a sore distraction from the business of the nation. As Hillary Clinton begins weighing a campaign for the White House, observers have pieced together some of what Bill Clinton has been up to over the past fourteen years. Assuming Hillary was not already aware of it, the news is not good for Hillary, and may put a serious crimp in her presidential plans. The photo you see here certainly shows Bill continuing to be Bill.


Bill has flown at least eleven times on a private plane owned by convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. The plane has been dubbed “The Lolita Express.” Virginia Roberts, who asserts that she was groomed by Epstein from the age of fifteen to perform sex acts with Epstein and others, has stated that Clinton visited Epstein’s private Caribbean estate, known as “Orgy Island.” Court documents that are public record show that Epstein had 21 private email addresses and phone numbers for Clinton and a Clinton aide.


The former President has separately flown, over a period of at least a decade, on a private jet owned by Ron Burkle, a billionaire known for his infatuation with young girls. Author Mark Ebner has stated that it was well-known that Burkle was an established client for top-flight prostitutes.


As Hillary was preparing her 2008 campaign for the presidency, rumors emerged that Bill Clinton had slept with actress Gina Gershon on Burkle’s private jet, had be seen repeatedly with a high-profile Canadian businesswoman, and had pursued numerous one-night stands while traveling.

Bill Clinton began to distance himself from Burkle in 2007, just in time for Hillary’s candidacy, and has not been seen in his company since 2010. He has also cut ties with Epstein. He claims to now be a vegan, perhaps offering this alleged new self-control in his diet as a proxy for self-control in his sexual proclivities.

It’s fair to say that the question of whether Bill is still, well, being himself, is one that a mature society would not focus on. And if Hillary were to acknowledge that her husband is a bit of a scoundrel, there would be no hypocrisy, and perhaps we could all just do our best to ignore it.

But the Clintons continue to present their marriage to the world as a real one, and that leaves open the question of whether, in office, Hillary would be subject to blackmail by those who have direct knowledge or evidence of Bill Clinton’s past misdemeanors, or his future ones.

Meanwhile, Bill's having all the fun, and Hillary keeps getting stuck with the bill.



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