Dolly Kyle is not an unknown publicity-seeker suddenly “remembering” a random incident from decades past, claiming trauma and distress only now when it can garner the most attention, their 15-minutes of fame.

Nor has Kyle been deployed by a political party for the sole purpose of destroying an opposing candidate with outrageous allegations, complete with salacious details that can never be refuted.

The 68-year-old Arkansas native is an accomplished businesswoman, teacher and author honored by the Texas Bar Association for her community involvement.

She is also the woman who executed a sworn, written statement about her decades-long intimate relationship with President Bill Clinton under penalty of perjury.

It was made on March 6, 1998 – and was never challenged.

Kyle kept her silence through Clinton’s ascendency in Arkansas state politics from attorney general to governor, through the presidential in 1992 that saw Bill and Hillary face questions about his infidelities, and six years into a presidency detoured by those same predilections and the need to defend an impeachment that stemmed from them.

Kyle’s written statement – provided in the Paula Jones v. William Jefferson Clinton case – recounted how Clinton and Kyle, childhood and high school friends in Hot Springs, Arkansas, fell into a sexual relationship that lasted in the years before and during Clinton’s to the woman he met at Yale Law School, Hillary Rodham.

It was only when she heard now-candidate Hillary Clinton say that women who claim to have been sexually assaulted “have the right to be believed,” in a campaign speech that Kyle decided to make her story – and Bill’s, known to the public.

Summing up her disgust, Kyle said, “When [Hillary Clinton] said women who claim they are raped or sexually assaulted should be believed, we should support them, I thought, "You lying dog hypocrite’ citing the couple’s attacks on her reputation, as well as on others who fell within the president’s grasp.

Dolly Kyle

That was far from the worst thing Hillary would learn from Kyle’s recollections that have the tone and feel of a woman who not only observed her lover’s spouse, but listened to his complaints and also his boasts about his sexual conquests.

Writing of her first impression of the northern attorney, Kyle noted Rodham’s “middle-aged appearance in a “misshapen brown dress-like thing,” her stringy, unwashed hair and body odor.

Not surprisingly, Billy, as she has always called her childhood friend, told her he thought his sex life “was over.”

Kyle’s recollections confirm others who have spoken of Hillary’s violent temper, Bill’s many affairs – often conducted simultaneously, the truth about the romantic, “love at first site in the Yale Law Library,” fairy-tale fiction prepared for the media about the Clintons – and the rumors about Hillary’s own sexuality.

Possibly the most damning of all is the nickname Bill always used when referring to Hillary.

He called her “The Warden.”

Source: Daily Mail

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