If you haven’t forgotten the scandal between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, word is out that there is another reason to remember. But to see this reminder, you’ll need an up-close view of Bill Clinton’s head.

In an upcoming book titled The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House, a former White House reporter writes about the night that Hillary Clinton found out about her husband’s affair.

According to the author’s sources—mostly former White House staff—one of the White House maids found blood all over the Clinton’s bedroom and Bill Clinton had to get stitches because of a wound to his head.

While the exact object isn’t known, it is now known that Hillary Clinton was so furious with her husband’s extramarital affair with Lewinsky that she hit him over the head. The book’s sources confess that they think Hillary did it in the bedroom with a book, but it’s the action, not the object that matters.

Apparently Hillary was angry. That’s understandable. What’s hard to understand is why she didn’t file for divorce or take other action after finding out.

Granted, Hillary was in a tough place. Her husband had just been publicly condemned for sleeping with his intern and things were strained. But why was she so mad about the event?

Could it be that she was already planning her ascent to the White House on her own and that she was afraid Bill’s affair would doom her own presidential candidacy?

With Hillary waiting in the wings for her own presidential campaign to launch, the timing of this book is impeccable. It highlights her incredible lust for power and her willingness to take personal flak and damage for her goals.

While these traits might be admirable in another candidate, unfortunately her lust for control extends to things that are illegal—like public-office email servers. It seems clear that Hillary will do anything to keep her own aspirations on track, even beat her husband with a book.


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