Tasers have increasingly come under fire from members of the left for the damage that they're capable of doing. Black Lives Matter has made Tasers and issue in public discourse and are condemning them.

But the truth of the matter is that Tasers are much better than the alternative, actual guns, and most sane people know this.

As part of a fundraiser recently, a bikini-clad model agreed to be tazed by police officers if everyone watching the act gave $100 to a fund for fallen police officers. It sounds like a crazy idea but apparently enough people donated for the model to go through with it.

The girl stood on a blue tarp and prepared for the shock and agony that was coming. A police officer then went behind her and shot her in the lower back and buttocks with the Taser.

Of course, the thing still hurts, no matter the cause you're getting hit with it for, and she went down to the tarp screaming in pain.

After the officers cut the power, however, she came up, hair tousled, and smiling shakily. The officers then gingerly removed the Taser prongs from her butt and back.

This girl exemplifies several things, stupidity, charity, and is a good lesson for anyone who doesn't know what happens when you get hit with a Taser.

The fact that she did it for charitable reasons is admirable. It's great that she chose to give the money to a fund for fallen police officers.

But it's also pretty stupid to put yourself in harm's way just to pull a stunt like this. I'm sure that money could have been raised in ways that didn't put the model's health in danger.

However, perhaps the greatest lesson we can learn from this is the fact that nonlethal weapons like Tasers, still hurt. A lot.

Maybe this will be a further deterrent for those who think they can confront the police and get away with it.

h/t: Controversial Times

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