We’ve often heard that time-worn analogy that “all politics is local” and on Saturday afternoon that description was certainly evident in this sleepy Sandy Plains neighborhood, as about a dozen “biker dudes” bedecked in leather ascended on the picturesque town in Georgia.

The barrel-chested bikers led by a group of local high school students going door to door made for an interesting contrast and perhaps startled a few folks after opening their doors and seeing a group of leather-clad bikers with a quartet of clean-cut high school kids.

The bikers sporting “Bikers for Trump” on the back of their leather jackets were there in support of Republican Karen Handel whose running for the 6th Congressional District in Georgia, a seat held by Tom Price.

The biker first made news in support of President Trump vowing to head to Washington during the president’s historic inauguration day celebration as a counter balance to the anticipated meltdown by the radical left, which fortunately was confined about 10-blocks away from the festivities.

This time the bikers are trying their hand at local politics becoming actively involved on the “ground” with local congressional races.

“We’re here to put Karen Handel where she needs to be,” one of the bikers told a voter at his front door, “in D.C. supporting President Trump.”

Chris Cox, the group’s Charleston, S.C. leader acknowledged his supports of the president’s anti-Washington establishment and pro-veteran stance appealed to him and other bikers and decided to get involved by holding pro-Trump rallies across the country and hopefully defuse the constant negative press the president has been getting since he took office.

Cox also began redirecting his attention to the roughly 260,000 nationwide members and focusing directly on local races around the country and using Facebook and other social media outlets in getting the word out.

Brian Strzalkowski who’s based in Winston and one of the group’s more than 700 members in Georgia said: “Bikers for Trump is going to support any candidates, Senate, (House), local, that supports President Trump.”

He continued: “Our goal is to see the state stay red and go all the way through and support President Trump.”

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Source: AJC

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