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Since movie legend Marlon Brando first appeared in the 1953 classic “The Wild One” bikers have always gotten a bad rap, and of course real life motorcycle gangs didn’t help with the image of tough looking guys wearing leather creating mayhem.

However that image has changed thanks in part to the thousands upon thousands of bikers who ride each and every year to honor our fallen warriors on Memorial Day. Rolling Thunder is a non-profit organization with over 90 chapters in the United States and members are mostly veterans who ride motorcycles.

And although Rolling Thunder get much of the press, there are other groups that also step up as was the case just recently when protestors did the incomprehensible and attempted to ruin a fallen Marine’s funeral, the “Patriot Guard” (a motorcycle group), stepped in and shielded the grieving family from the unimaginable chaos. This is amazing!

The members of Westboro Baptist Church disagree with our country’s lack of moral. But they’ve misguidedly decided to show their hatred by protesting the funerals of America’s fallen men and women of service.

But thank God, a group of unlikely heroes has risen from the dust. The Patriot Guard has made it their personal mission to protect the families of our fallen men and women of service. Bikers by the hundreds (many of them veterans themselves) go to the funerals to form a shield between the hateful protestors and grieving families. Their actions display their loyal devotion to the brave men and women of America.

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