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With that disturbing image of the young female Trump supporter being attacked by mob of thugs last month after a Trump rally in San Jose California, still fresh in the minds of many.

A group of bikers have made it a point to be on hand in Phoenix 6-hours before the start of Trumps rally, to offer their services as escorts.

“We are a PEACEFUL group composed of veterans and former law enforcement, as well as Trump supporters,” “we are attending ONLY to escort Trump supporters into and out of the rally to their vehicles. We have been informed by DPS of our boundary and expectations.”

That statement along with an accompanying flyer from the motorcycle club Lion’s Guard Arizona announcing their services and also “all bikers and non-bikers are welcome!”

However on the flip side, Mike Roberts, creator of the "Protest Trump Arizona" Facebook page commented; "It's all about respecting people's right to demonstrate, that violence isn't the right choice, and that really what we're doing is organizing and collectively rejecting hate."

Roberts continued: “I think it's kind of intimidating to go to your first protest, a lot of people, it's going to be their first protest. Just go. You can moderate how close you are to the action. You can do whatever level of participation you want.”

And perhaps that’s the rub, while Roberts talks about peaceful protests, there’s a violent eliminate within those “peaceful crowds” that can easily become another lawless mob, if given the opportunity.

The bikers are there to simply ensure that everyone’s First Amendment Rights are honored, regardless!

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