How do you convince someone to do something against their will? When pleading, prodding, and promising don't work is there a point at which you force someone to do something?

Those are the questions that naturally come to mind in the case of a British woman who claims that she is "too fat" to work and so must subsist off government-provided welfare.

Jodi Sinclair is 28-years-old and has never held a steady job because of her weight. Instead she has collected over $100,000 in welfare payments and is currently living in government-provided housing where she is under no obligation to pay any rent.

The issue gets stickier, though.

Sinclair is qualified to receive a weight-loss surgery that would potentially bring her weight down to a level where she would be able to work and live a normal life. However, the British woman wants nothing to do with the surgery.

"I’m not going ­under the knife for ­anyone because I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong," Sinclair proclaimed before stating that she doesn't even "eat that much."

However, Sinclair's description of her meals and food is telling. She described eating hearty breakfasts with her mother consisting of beans, sausage, bacon, toast, and other fatty foods. She went on to say that most of her meals consist of pasta and potatoes--notorious foods for the empty carbs that inflate people's waistlines.

Sinclair believes, though, that it's not her diet but a medical condition which causes her to gain weight. She is adamant that the cause is medical but still denies the surgery that would increase her mobility and make her eligible to work again.

"They think they know everything but I know better. I know that [operation] won’t help me, so they need to work with me how I am."

This is such a sad example of how government welfare can corrupt people's sensibilities of right and wrong. This woman is living off other people's money but she doesn't care at all!

h/t: Conservative Tribune

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