Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has definitely drawn the ire of establishment Republicans. It's no secret that Paul Ryan, the House Speaker amid a host of others don't want the businessman to be president.

But would major, establishment Republicans actually join the "enemy" and proclaim their decision to vote for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party? Some Republicans seem to think so, and at the top of the list is a famous, conservative name: Bush.

No, George W. Bush, the most recent Bush to hold political office, probably won't be voting for Clinton. A commentator over at Hot Air thinks that Clinton would likely spurn such an endorsement because it could cost her more votes than she'd get.

But George H.W. Bush has purportedly decided to cast his vote for Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election.

That thought should send chills down the back of most conservatives, but Bush has good reason to vote against Trump. After all, Jeb Bush was the most successful Republican candidate in fundraising--a task that usually leads to a strong candidate in the polls.

However, Trump effectively worked to take down Jeb Bush by calling him stuffy, scripted and boring, all true in a sense, but deep insults that could make George H.W. Bush angry enough to vote for a Clinton.

There are other popular conservatives who have expressed their public disdain for Trump, including former Secretary of State Colin Powell. Powell, though, has also said that he thinks Clinton would be a terrible candidate. So there's no chance of him stumping for the Democratic party anytime soon.

The fact that we're entering the final stages of an election that is this close is an exciting, nervous time.

We can only hope that people don't abandon their morals as far as some of them seem like they may be doing to vote against someone that they personally dislike.

h/t: Hot Air

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