Perhaps the easiest way to describe Beyoncé halftime performance at the Super Bowl is to contrast it with Lady Gaga’s opening performance, and her magnificent rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner."

Moreover the contrast between these two mega performers couldn't have been any more obvious, Beyoncé backed by a cadre of backup dancers sporting Black Panther berets, performed her new single “Formation” in homage to the Black Lives Matter movement.

While Lady Gaga stood alone in her sky-high Gucci platforms one with red and white stripes, and one with midnight glitter, with accented scarlet lids, which she dubbed "star-spangled red slipper eyes" on Instagram.

Although Beyoncé was trying to capture headlines by using politically incendiary imagery, the songs lyrics are mostly about black identity, a theme that goes back to songs like James Brown’s “Say It Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud.” Lyrics from the Beyoncé song include: “My daddy Alabama, Momma Louisiana, I like my baby hair with baby hair and afros.”

The irony is that Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z owe their success to the capitalist system and not to the destructive Black Lives Matter movement. Jay-Z’s story is well-known, as he went from being a drug dealer in the projects of New York to becoming an entertainment star and entrepreneur. Beyoncé is the child of a small business owner and a sales manager for Xerox.

At one point during the song, the supporting performers formed an ‘X’ on the field – thought to reference black rights campaigner Malcolm X – and then raised their arms in the air in a gesture referencing the black power salute.

However the night belonged to Lady Gaga has she finished her stirring rendition she placed her hand over her heart.

Here’s Entertainment Tonight’s report of Beyonce’s show:

Many people expressed outrage on social media:

Source: Breitbart


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