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Art has always been that uncompromising vessel that drives our emotions, whether it’s a performance, a verse, a visual or a song that stirs those primal instincts of joy, sorrow, laughter, humor and rage.

And there’s little doubt that what Beyonce wanted to achieve, she did, in that throughout the ages art and politics have always been synonyms in calculating where a society is heading.

And where it’s heading was performed at the MTV award show last week when Beyonce presented on stage a visually stylized and brilliantly choreographed performance of African-American “angels” being shot by police officers as a bright while spot light washed over several individuals on stage suddenly a popping sound rings out, and then another, and instantly the spot light turns crimson red as one individual after another falls to the ground.

And while the visual is breathtaking in its application, the message however stands in stark contrast to the actual facts, in that the “angles” portrayed are in fact a mixed bag of individuals who resisted arrest, and or assaulted police officers.


As each 'angel' fell to the floor they were covered in red light, to protest gun murders and police brutality

Perhaps the most egregious example of “art not imitating life” was the justified shooting of Michael Brown, a young thug who assaulted a police officer while attempting to kill him, and was himself killed in the confrontation.

Go to the 3:05 point in the video to see the part of the performance in question:

However that didn't stop Beyonce from meeting Brown’s mom prior to the show, one wonders who many mom’s wife's, daughters, and sweethearts of murdered police officers has Beyonce met with…I bet we know the answer.

The idiots were out in force tweeting about the performance:

‘The imagery of the Beyonce performance with the angels getting shot down…,’ said one person.

‘Beyonce too deep. All the angels were shot, police brutality,’ another wrote.

Beyonce has shown to be a disgrace time and time again.

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