The QueenB booked a racist cop-hating, pro-Black Panther party, otherwise known as a Beyoncé concert, at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida for this upcoming April.

It is anticipated to sell out, because her lemmings will line up in droves. Security at these types of events is often provided by local law enforcement. Who knew? Why are celebrities not responsible for financing their own security for their own shows?

Why should tax payers being funding their stupidity? That is absurd, no matter who the entertainer is. It is especially insulting when that entertainer is F*** Yo Flag, Malcom X, Nation of Islam endorsing, and BLM loving Beyoncé.

Tampa cops are not enlisting for the bonus pay that comes with these kinds of events. The Department Spokesperson, Steve Hegarty is feigning surprise, and won’t admit this has anything to do with the controversy surrounding Beyoncé’s “Formation” travesty, courtesy of the NFL and their selection of a half-time show performer.

Hmmmm. Let’s hedge are bets and say, “Yes.”

Instead of telling the Queen to figure it out, Tampa Bay Police Department says, “We’re going to staff it because we have responsibility to do that regardless of how controversial it might be, who the artist might be, or the politician might be,” according to Hagerty.

They will force cops to provide security.

Okay, fine. Everybody in Tampa…it’s “open season” on public-is-welcome house parties with disc-jockeys,for entertainment, and cover charges as ticket sales. It’s time to request security at those public park, 5-year old “Rave” birthday parties featuring magicians, cartoon characters, and clowns, because they are entertainers.

Make sure you book them all on the day, and night, of the Beyoncé concert, and demand police security. Betcha’ you’ll get a lot of cops scrambling to volunteer!

h/t: Raw Story


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