Little Ms. Beyonce is getting to bit big for her too tight britches. Not saying she is gaining in girth, because she isn’t. Her already gargantuan ego is further swelling in size.

She, and her fan-atic base, see her as larger than life. The rest of us, we see her as retarded. Whatever. She makes bank, and she is a cash-cow for the entertainment industry, so she has that going for her.

In fact, she is such an audience draw that the she was chosen to headline the Super Bowl 50 half-time show. That would be that little musical extravaganza that a lot of folks watch, and a lot of other use as a potty-break, keg reload, snack re-filling opportunity. Again, whatever.

This year’s entertainment will feature Beyonce’s “Formation.” An anti-American rant against all things non-black, and all things anarchist. This is her “artistic” take on the unbelievably stupid “Hands-up, Don’t Shoot” racially violent idiocy that we witnessed sweep the nation as portrayed across our media-waves. We even watched this moronic malarkey in the sports world.

Anybody remember the Rams and their parade of “Hand-up, Don’t Shoot” as they took to the field?  Notice they are not in the Super Bowl…just sayin.

Beyonce’s gift to the world of music and video features intimations as to police violence against black people and Islamo-phobia. This is what the NFL has lowered itself too.

Aside from all the panty-waist antics that do not allow for on the field, locker room style fun and games, no touchdown dances or spiking the ball, they have now become slaves at the feet of an entertainer.

The testosterone filled game of football has now integrated itself with the land of make believe, where the celebutards live.

How sad. How pathetic to see a once great American past-time, up there with baseball, become an entertainment venue for stupidity.

Bring back the Budweiser Clydesdales for crying out loud and get back to being awesome, rather than awful and embarrassing.

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