Professor Plumb did it in the Library with the Candlestick.

That about sums up the complete absurdity of the Republican presidential campaign at this point. The libtard and conservitard media is salivating, like Pavlov’s dog in trying to lay blame at the feet of someone, anyone, in conservative circles, for the anti-Cruz extra-marital affairs smut.

In doing so, they have placed the National Enquirer, aka bigfoot-spotted, I-fornicated-with-a-space-alien, Elvis-lives, sensational rag into the spotlight.

We have seen Donald Trump blamed for behind-the-scenes manipulation and facilitation of the Ted Cruz wife-cheating story. We have seen Ted Cruz blamed for the photos of the past professional modeling work of Donald Trump’s wife.

We have seen Carly Fiorina blamed for the photos and smear ad because a separate entity, a Super Pac, supposedly took it upon themselves to attack Trump. We saw Ted Cruz blamed for some idiot Super Pac-er calling all voters to ditch Dr. Ben Carson.

It is a wonder we have not seen bigfoot, aliens, or Colonel Mustard blamed.

Now, the scuttlebutt is that Marco Rubio is involved. BETRAYAL! Again, not directly, but attaching a name, any name, to Rubio is sure to stir the already roiling and boiling pot. A GOP strategist by the name of Rick Wilson, posted to Twitter (@TheRickWilson) the following;

“Dear media outlets in possession of The Thing; I know you’re scared about legal. Have an intern post it on YouTube and then “discover it.”

In other words, screw an intern! Gee, where have we heard and seen that before?

What is “The Thing?” Since everyone is dying to know here you go;

It is video footage of Ted Cruz…..wait for it….

walking out of a restaurant….

with a woman.

Holy Mary Mother of God!

Cruz and woman who is not his wife. He MUST be guilty of infidelity. None of you have ever had lunch or dinner, or even a business meeting with someone who is not your spouse, right?

Lame. So did Rubio have anything to do with it? Who knows? Is he closely tied to his supporter? Who cares? Are you to blame for your best friend’s rumor spreading about a colleague? NO.

This incessant blaming of people for the actions of others is retarded. It has to stop. Particularly when the safety and welfare of the nation is at stake.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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