This isn’t rocket science for critical thinking Americans, although most progressive politicians would like to confuse the issue for the obvious political ramifications, as those same critical thinking Americans will ask why those states are so poorly managed.

And those badly managed and poorly run states will inevitability lose those individuals most prosperous to more business-friendly, low-cost of living and low-tax states, as demonstrated by the data. With at least 1,000 people every day moving from blue states to red states on net balance, it’s not hard to see why.

A new study from George Mason University’s Mercatus Center proves just that – in those states that are well-governed and run efficiently there has been a steady increase in the population growth of that state, with the reverse holding true in states that have been mismanaged.


Moreover, the ten most financially sound states in the country are all heavily Republican, while all but one of the ten worst states is heavily Democratic.

However most critical thinking Americans didn’t need the official data to see the blight that progressive policies has inflicted, as any newspaper or newscast shows what is taking place in America’s inner cities.

The report also provides an overall ranking of the states. And while Mercatus makes no mention of the states’ political leanings, every state in the top ten, with the exception of Florida, is solidly red, meaning those states voted for the Republican in each of the past four presidential elections.

Coincidence? I think not!

Source: Investors Business Daily

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