Bernie Sanders, the socialist senator from Vermont, has never met a human "right" he didn't support.

Whether he's lobbying for a sky-high, job-killing $15 minimum wage, fighting for socialized medicine, or struggling to make higher education a government guarantee, Bernie is all for it.

How could he be against it when it's a human right?

The 75-year-old Democrat and presidential candidate has added yet another human right to the growing list: broadband internet.

"Broadband access is a necessity, not a luxury. Period," Bernie tweeted.

Of course, Bernie never mentions that it's you, the taxpayer, who will end up paying for this necessity that we all somehow "deserve."

It's estimated that some 51 million Americans don't have access to broadband internet. Which makes it an issue tailor made for big government control freaks like Bernie Sanders.

Sure, broad-band internet is fast and it's something most people would love to have if they could afford it, making it a luxury. And at $40 a month in some case, it's not a cheap luxury.

Bernie thinks it's a human right, although once upon a time people got along just fine without internet access.

But think of all the wonderful things one could accomplish with broadband internet. For one, porn downloads are faster. So is internet gaming and watching videos on the company or classroom clock.

Bernie has yet to demonstrate the productivity value of broadband internet for the masses, courtesy of a benevolent and accommodating government.

The Founding Fathers, ever mindful of the vagueness of the term "human rights" and perennially fearful of "pure democracy," knew from history and hard experience that it is government that has stood in the way of human rights.

In Bernie's world, it should be the government that decides what is and what is not a human right, what should be viewed as a necessity, and what it is that we deserve.

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Source: Daily Wire


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