A CNN reporter decided to ask a simple question to Bernie Sanders supporters who were our in force to support him. "What is Socialism?" Certainly any supporter of Sanders would be well versed in Socialism and even Communism since this is basically how Sanders would govern our nation.

Not so... These liberal losers are so dumb they have no idea what they are supporting at all. This is pretty scary stuff as it shows that maybe Sanders radical Socialist ideas actually have a chance at the polls. These Socialist supporters have the simplistic mindset that reasons... Give me "FREE COLLEGE". OK, sounds good. I'll vote for that guy.

More from The Federalist Papers:

During the Iowa Caucuses yesterday a CNN reporter decided to ask a few Bernie Sanders’ supporters to define Socialism.

Of course they really have no clue but you all knew that would happen didn’t you?
What’s truly funny is these people are supporting a guy who wants to screw them for the rest of their lives along with their future children and grandchildren but they don’t even know it.

Sanders is a self-admitted Socialist.

His supporters don’t even know what the hell that means!


You want to see a PRIME failure in Socialism, look no further than unions. Unions are the epitome of why Socialism is a failure – the best workers eventually become no better than the worst workers.

Why bother achieving anything when you are not rewarded for it. When everyone gets a trophy there is no reason to bother excelling.
THAT is what Socialism is in a nutshell. THAT is what Democrats are and that is what people who support them are clueless about.

Socialism is AGAINST individuality and for the collective.

h/t: Federalist Papers



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