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What do you get when you mix a blissfully ignorant Bernie supporter asking about “free stuff” at a Donald Trump town hall meeting? You get a rude awakening on the facts and a lesson in economics 101!

The wake-up call came over the weekend when Fox News airing a Wisconsin town hall moderated by Greta Van Susteren, and the first question posed to Trump was about “free college tuition.”

Trump was asked the question by a doctoral student and Badger State voter, who said that “several other candidates have come out with their plans for lowering or even free education at the public university level.”

Trump in his typical none political style didn’t attempt to straddle the fence answered the question directly; “There’s no such thing as free education, because you know that ultimately somebody else is going to be paying for that education. The taxpayers,” replied Trump.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this as a politician … I’d love to say free education, but again, if somebody gets free education, all of the people paying, their rates are going to go up,” he explained

Trump continued; “I watch Bernie and … if everything was paid in taxes, they made nothing, you wouldn’t be able to pay for it. So it’s just words, OK? It’s just words.”

h/t: Young Cons


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