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What can one expect from someone who’s been literally on the “public-dole” all his adult life?

If truth be told “ol Socialist Bernie” was once “young Socialist Bernie, a radical and an agitator in the rebellious 1960's and '70's in Vermont, who didn’t collect his first steady paycheck until he was an elected official pushing 40 years old.

So when ol' Bernie speaks of poverty suggesting: “When you are white, you don’t know what it is like to be poor,” ol Bernie in a sense is actually describing himself and how he’s been able to game the system all of his adult life, and doing particularly nothing as the longest sitting congressman in history, except wasting space.

Obviously Sanders has a long history of using race as a wedge issue and of course pandering to African-Americans, which goes back about 20 years ago.

During his first year in Congress, Sanders explained that an African-American had left a meeting before him, and when the meeting had ended Sanders saw the man waiting outside when he left.

When asked why he hadn’t hailed a cab, Sanders claims that the man was embarrassed because the cabbies would pass him by because he was black.

The second story that Sanders told, while making his point, was related from what he was told by a Black Lives Matter activist…which actually explains more about Sanders less than impressive legislative resume…or more to the point “still gamming the system!”

Do you think Sanders has a issue with 'white privilege' guilt?


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