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Bernie, Bernie, Bernie…you need to fire your campaign finance managers. They are failing you. They are not living up to your standards of doing without.

In fact, your campaign, should not even have any money in its war chest at all. You, sir, are a hypocrite. That you even have money, when you preach to the rest of us that we should not have any is baffling to behold.

So says, the Federal Elections Committee. That’s not entirely true, but a little tongue in cheek snark to make it more interesting. 

The FEC has informed Bernie that his campaign is violating campaign finance rules. How all those po’ folk are coming up with donations in excess of $2,700.00 is beyond fathomable, but whatever, they are.

Also, FEC has said that foreigners cannot contribute to his campaign. Hillary can have her Super PAC, and lord knows where her money is coming from, but Bernie can’t. 

Well, let’s hope the FEC is looking at Hillary’s funds too. We know they are certainly looking at everybody’s on the right side of the fence.

So Bernie must return all of socialist’s money that exceeds the donation limit. Wait! What? Give people’s money back to them? That goes against his 9 for me 1 for you philosophy.

He should be volunteering that to the IRS right?

This will be interesting to watch play itself out to be sure.

Check out Bernie bragging about his campaign fund raising to Hillary:

h/t: Free Beacon


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