Attempting to sell utopia to those that have “no financial  skin in the game” is not a very difficult thing to do, and no matter how you dress it up, the end result is always the same…taking from those that produce and giving it to those that don’t produce, it’s really that simple.

However if you’re presidential candidate Bernie Sanders you may need to repackage your brand of socialism with a major speech, and perhaps attempt to convince those hard-working wage earners, why it would be in their best interest to fork over 90% of their earnings to those that don’t produce.

Perhaps Sanders can explain his brand of “democratic socialist” views and how it differs from the other government “Ponzi scams” and the creative ways government confiscates the people’s money.

“I think there are a lot of people who, when they hear the word ‘socialist,’ get very, very nervous,” Sanders told reporters at a campaign stop in Iowa.

He continued; “What we’re probably going to do to begin with is hold a major speech in the not-too-distant future to define exactly what I mean by democratic socialism.”

What Sanders attempts to do is reference popular government programs such as Social Security and Medicare, to sell is brand of socialism, claiming in effect that America is already a socialistic state, however he seems to totally disregard the fundamental role of governance within a civil society, in that there will always be a certain degree of economic control through taxation, in order for any society to function.

Source: WZ



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