Bernie “Women Wanna Be Raped” Sanders, one of the Democrat Presidential candidates, recently decided to call out Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, for ‘going too far.”

What was Sheriff Arpaio’s dastardly crime?  He had the unmitigated gall to peacefully come upon Bernie Sanders’ wife sneak-peaking at Arpaio’s “Tent City.” Rather than get all up in her face about it, he offered her a tour. He allowed to speak with the inmates.

Not according to wannabe liar in chief;

“My wife visited Tent City and he crashed that. He came and ambushed her.”

Ambushed? She was poking around along a fence and Arpaio went to see what’s up.

Of course, Ms. Sanders came away with a story to tell. Inmates praising Arpaio, as they would rather be there than some other prisons, a well-run operation, and no inmates chained to one another.

Oh, but, “Looking at this Tent City and why my wife told me about what she saw…This is not what should be going on in the United States of America,” said Sanders. Who, just so are all clear is all about turning criminals loose.

He supports Obama’s closure of Gitmo. In his mind, jail of any kind, for any crime, is wrong. Then again, this is the guy who says woman wanna be raped, right?

In trued Socialist dictatorial fashion, Bernie issued a threat against the good Sheriff. According to Bernie, if he is president, Sheriff Arpaio needs to “Watch out.”  Oooooh….Sheriff Arpaio is no concerned because Sanders “won’t be Pres.”

In addition to Arpaio, Sanders took on the “cowardly” Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey for, horror of horrors, making a voter present an ID to prevent voter fraud. 

That a citizen of the country should be ensure that their vote will be counted, as opposed to the votes of illegals or multi-voting frauds is just shameful.  Oh, wait, that’s right!

Without all the illegal voting, there goes half of Bernster’s support. No wonder he’s peeved.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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