Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is in the news again, and again, it's not for something flattering. Clinton has been featured in headlines for the past year for her usage of a private email server while serving as Secretary of State.

That private email server has led to Clinton's being involved in another lawsuit, but this one from people who have a much more personal vendetta behind the suit. Clinton is being sued by the mothers of two of the Americans who were killed during the Benghazi attacks, deaths which occurred during Clinton's watch as Secretary of State.

The suit accuses Clinton of mishandling classified information by using her private email server. It also states that the death of Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods was a wrongful death and was encouraged by information that was widely accessible to hackers on Clinton's unsecured email server.

But the lawsuit doesn't just stop there.

Patricia Smith and Charles Wood, parents of Wood and Smith, are also accusing Clinton of defamation. That defamation charge comes from the story that Clinton told both parents during the aftermath of the killings and said that the deaths of their children were the result of a YouTube video.

Clinton, however, has denied telling the parents that the video was the cause of the Americans' death and said that they were lying to media when they recounted Clinton's remarks.

That's enough to make anyone mad, accusing them that they're lying about the death of a loved one. Clinton's supporters have said that there's no basis for anything in the lawsuit, but emotion is definitely on the side of Smith and Wood.

It's also unclear why Clinton feels that these parents would lie. What does she think they have to gain by lying?

The truth is more likely. And that truth is probably that Clinton lied to these grieving parents and is now attacking them for sticking up for their side of the story.

h/t: NBC News

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