Ben Stein, a well-known character actor most famous for his portrayal of Ferris Bueller’s high school teacher, has carved out a second career as a commentator on politics and finance. He comes by it honestly. Stein is a graduate of Yale Law School, and his father, Herbert Stein, was an economist and presidential advisor.

Stein weighed in this week on the increasingly fraught topic of racial politics – a topic that President Obama in two election campaigns promised us would stop even being a topic, provided he was elected, and then re-elected. Appearing on the Fox News show America’s News HQ, Stein made the assertion that, contrary to its campaign assurances, the White House was intentionally attempting to “racialize all politics.”

“They’re especially trying to tell the African-American voter that the GOP is against letting them have a chance at a good life in this economy, and that’s just a complete lie,” he said. Stein said that Republicans were in fact “more in favor than the Democrats” of African-Americans enjoying a good life.

in response to the charge that Republicans were cutting benefits to poorer Americans, who are disproportionately African-American, Stein pointed out that “more people are on food stamps than ever. More people are getting welfare than ever.” Stein found ludicrous the suggestion that Republicans wished to dismantle the social safety net, and pointed out that Obama’s unsuccessful economic policies were the reason so many African-Americans now needed such assistance.

“Eric Holder, every time there is any kind of issue in the law, he says it’s racism by the white police. This is just nonsense.” Stein pointed out that the Democratic party has been disseminating information in the African-American community falsely asserting that Republicans are attacking President Obama because he is black. “This President,” Stein concluded, “is the most racist president that there has ever been in America.”

Stein raised a historical issue seldom addressed in the media, reminding viewers that during the Civil Rights era, it was the Republican party and not the Democratic party that led the charge for full enfranchisement of African-Americans.

Historically, Stein said, “the Republicans are the most pro-back party that’s ever been. The Republicans are the ones who passed all the civil rights laws back in the 1960’s.”

The program’s host, Shannon Bream, acknowledged that the Republican’s leading role, against foot-dragging Democrats of the time, in passing the historic Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related legislation, often got lost in the conversation. It wasn’t lost in this conversation, which is well worth viewing.





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