Ben Carson is again proving his mettle as a sage politician with his recent remarks after the Charleston, South Carolina shootings.

Carson, who is one of many Republican presidential candidates in 2016, is famous as a neurosurgeon and as the first surgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins (connected at the head).

His words, however, aren't filled with a burning agenda, as many saw President Obama's words filled with messages about gun control and gun violence.

Instead, Carson spoke of the need to band together as Americans.

"With external jihadist forces trying to destroy us," he wrote, "why would we aid them by engaging in self-destructive behaviors stimulated by hate?"

Carson went on to speak about the necessary things that Americans must do because they live in a "pluralistic society."

"We must learn the true meaning of tolerance and that it goes in both directions," he said.

Carson's words show the depth of feeling and understanding that he has for the victims of the shooting. People don't want to hear about gun control in the immediate aftermath of such an attack. They want to be comforted and seek solace in the love and understanding of others.

Carson understands this wise principle, much better than our President.

Here is his statement in full:

The tragic shootings in Charleston, South Carolina yesterday are a manifestation of the evil that has gripped our society. Many of us have allowed the purveyors of hatred and division to create conflict between the races, the genders, religious groups, age groups and income groups. The Bible says that a house divided against itself cannot stand. With external jihadist forces trying to destroy us, why would we aid them by engaging in self-destructive behaviors stimulated by hate?

We must remember that we are a pluralistic society with many components and many beliefs. If we are to live together peacefully and with prosperity, we must learn the true meaning of tolerance, and that it goes in both directions.
I join with millions of Americans in praying for comfort for the families who lost loved ones in that tragedy. Someone close to me lost relatives last night in that tragedy. We all lose when senseless tragedies like this remove vibrant lives from our midst. May God give us the ability to rise above hatred and join hands and recognize that our strength is in our unity and love heals all wounds.

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