Dr. Ben Carson is man of calm and reasoned speech. However, just because he comes across as a calming presence does not mean that he does not have a lot to say.

When he is asked to speak to important issues, he typically has an epic response that silences his questioners and ends with them looking utterly dumbfounded or flustered.

On the subject of abortion and the horrors on par with Gosnell being waged upon babies, aborted, and some seemingly delivered alive as a result of a botched abortion, only to be tortured to death via beheading and/or dismemberment, Carson again spoke with such passionate forceful eloquence few can muster.

He provided a snapshot into the history of Margaret Sanger’s “baby”, Planned Parenthood, and the truth about Sanger’s passion for eugenics, and the organization's so called planning-for-parenthood practices.

He said that all of the non-abortion services are available elsewhere. He reminds us of PP’s blackmarket for baby-parts trade network, and how Sangers’ eugenics movement, lives on with the location of their services;

“…the plurality of their clinics are in minority communities.”

When the interviewer, Jake Trapper (CNN), put for the notion that he seems to make PP’s point because minority communities need access to birth control and mammograms, Carson gave a very simple answer,

“I thought they were supposed to get all those things based on Obamacare? Why do we need Planned Parenthood?"

The answer? We don't.

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