The political progressive elite figured out decades ago that the “welfare system” was an excellent political tool to both help the working poor and those individuals that relied exclusively on government assistance, to both benefit those in need, and also to solidify their own political base of voters.

The rational of course being that once you give out the “goodies” you had a voter hooked for life, and the more “goodies” you give out the more you increase your core base of hooked voters, and of course there’s a fine line in actually helping the needy and simply buying votes.

And so when Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson points out that fact, that welfare not only perpetuates poverty, but also was a mechanism used by the Democrats to buy votes, you know there will be a backlash

However, to back-up his claim both the conservative Heritage Foundation and the liberal Brookings Institute have concluded that the present welfare system is keeping people poor with little hope of getting ahead.

Carson also concluded that the promise of free money, food and medical care kept the poor dependent as part of the pay for vote scheme.

And stated he was not indifferent to the poor, just that he wanted to see them have opportunity to get out of poverty.  To do this, the poor need to be able to see how that opportunity will work for them.  In short, the poor need hope which is part of conservative philosophy.

He referenced conservative solutions in getting people off the welfare rolls by promoting more effectively education, and teaching the young about market economics, and develop programs that encourage small entrepreneurs and teach people the benefits of developing their own businesses.

And develop a partnership between companies that hire and train welfare recipients, perhaps offering significant tax incentives and credits. These are concrete actions which will reduce poverty and dependence upon the government.

Source: Daily Caller


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