Neurosurgeon, author, and one who needs to be taken seriously as a burgeoning political contender for the GOP nod to the 2016 Presidential ticket, Dr. Benjamin Carson is a man of common sense.  Particularly with respect to existing law and immigration.  Speaking at the Iowa Freedom Summit on January 24, 2015, Dr. Carson had this so say;

“You know, we have laws in place,” Carson continued. “Common sense works great. We already have laws that demonstrate how a person can become an American citizen. We don’t have to re-litigate that.

If we do re-litigate it, it needs to be done by the proper branch of government, which is Congress. It is not by the President.”

Bravo Dr. Carson!  Who among us cannot recognize the simplicity of implementation of existing law, immigration or otherwise?  As for the latter… well pardon the pun but, anyone with half a brain will recognize the inherent truth in what Dr. Carson says; the President is not judge and jurist when it comes to re-litigating immigration law, or anything else for that matter.  His job is to faithfully execute laws established by Congress.  Not manifest them himself.

Dr. Carson goes on to predict the GOP as victorious in 2016.  He follows this up with what can only be called a recommendation for the next President in terms of executing existing laws,

“I think whoever wins in 2016, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a Republican, I think they should make it their goal to seal that border within a year.”

Dr. Carson is far from saying “head ém up, move ém out”, however.  In fact, he offers suggestion as to how implement an effective and doable guest worker program.


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