While the Syrian refugee crisis has to be one of the most heart-tugging situations in the world, everyone must set their feelings aside and approach the situation with pragmatism. Dr. Ben Carson, retired neurosurgeon and Republican presidential candidate, has a very pragmatic perspective. Who better, really, than a man who has had to hold life in his hands, pray for success, and is likely emotionally devastated when things do not go the way anyone hoped.

Such is his philosophy with respect to the humanitarian crisis regarding Syrian refugees.

“Well, we have to recognize that this is a splendid opportunity for the global Jihadists to infiltrate those numbers with members of their own organization.”

He went on to also say we need a very good screening mechanism, and, “Until we have such a mechanism in place, we should not be bringing anybody in.”

He is not saying, don’t take them in ever, he is saying we have be extraordinarily careful. Let us not forget that these people are originating from the Jihad-torn lands of Syria, as well as other places. None of these people can be presumed to be innocents. ISIS/ISIL has vowed to utilize the refugee crisis to do just what Carson says-to infiltrate the masses and carry their war across the oceans. That means, they will come here.

Have no doubt, we are taking in refugees and we plan on taking in a whole lot more, according to President Obama. In fact, 132 Syrian refugees were allowed in last year, with 32 of them settled into California.

The State Department says, “Refugees are subject to the highest level of security checks of any category of traveler to the United States,” including National Counterterrorism Center involvement, the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center taking part, Department of Homeland Security, and others.

Does anybody even remotely believe this? We have MILLIONS of illegal and legal immigrants here now that we have not a clue as to where they are. Does the President and the agencies really think that we Americans believe for a second that they are doing their due diligence and keeping us safe? They are the epitome of inept.

Carson is right. Until we fix our present screening process which means addressing the millions already here, we should be taking no one in. That being said, as Americans, we need to fix it fast, because the refugees need our help.

Source: CNS


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