Ah…the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Otherwise known as the militaristic Muslim Brotherhood of America, whose founder, Nihad Awad is either a Hamas member, or at the very least avid supporter. CAIR had the gall to demand Republican presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, drop out of the race because he said he could not advocate for a Muslim being in the office of the presidency. Carson said this, yes, but he said it because, as he pointed out, Islam is a faith of which its ideology is intrinsically tied to politics. There is no separation of the two.

In response to CAIR’s demands, Carson, a true American patriot, with a spine of steel, doubled-down. He shot back with a call for all of us to petition the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to revoke CAIR’s tax exempt statues.

“CAIR is a tax-exempt nonprofit, and IRS rules explicitly prohibit such groups from intervening in political campaigns on behalf of — or in opposition to — a candidate,” said Carson.

Not to mention CAIR is a money machine for Hamas. While Obama and the IRS target conservative non-profits as standard political protocol, CAIR is treated with the kid-gloves that Islam-loving Obama and his minions treat all Islam persons and organizations.

CAIR’s attack on Carson missed its mark. In response, Americans came out and gave Carson’s campaign approximately $700,000.00 in less than 36-hours post political assault.

Religious groups across America live under a microscope, as do conservative political non-profits, ever vigilant that if they look cross-eyed at a liberal candidate their tax exempt status will be revoked. Meanwhile, the Islamic regime of the USA, whose political ideology is tied to a religion and is anti-American, against the foundations of freedom, via Shariah Law and the Taqiyya, are free to parade around our nation, running terrorist money into our country, and lobbying for their like-minded political candidates, while attempting to destroy those in opposition.

Dr. Carson stay in the race. The rest of us need to find and sign, or create that petition he suggested and show Obama that we have had enough of his pandering to all things Islam, radical or otherwise, and CAIR.


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