While the separation of church and state is a fundamental written principle subscribed within our Constitution, it’s a principles are usually ignored or enforced dependent on progressive politics, and their agenda, and nothing more.

And so when presidential candidate Ben Carson demands that the IRS investigates the Council on American-Islamic Relations for violating that clause within our Constitution that restricts a religion from direct political involvement and claim non-profit status benefits, that group should obviously be investigated.

In an email Carson demanded that the IRS treat CAIR the way it treated conservative groups, stating; “The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) held a public press conference demanding that I withdraw from the presidential race.”

The dust-up took place when Dr. Carson in a press conference suggested that Islam does not share the same values as our Constitution, therefore he would not support a practicing Muslim for president.

And if recent history is any indication this IRS, will do nothing, simply because it has become nothing more than the personal political enforcement agency for Obama to push through whatever progressive agenda he wishes, and to also destroy any opposition that is counter to that agenda, as was the case with the IRS targeting conservative groups and making it impossible for them to claim tax except status by purposely delaying the process, which actually interfered with the 2012 election cycle, and helped Obama get reelected.

A few examples of social media users supporting Dr. Carson:

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