“It is the things that are done that elevate people, not things that impress people and make them dependent.”

“Dr. Ben Carson”

While you would think that Dr. Carson’s story of rising out of poverty through sheer will would be one of inspiration to people everywhere, the liberal left wing of American is not impressed. They consider him to be a traitor to the black community.

Why? Because the man won’t stay under their repressive thumb. He won’t stay down in the gutter of poverty and allow Democrats to take care of him. No, he pulled himself up and out, and horror of horrors, he refuses to be a Democrat.

In response to the traitors, he had a few gems to relay, and among them was the revelation, to some, that the man who put the black community back in chains, via handout social programs, was President Lyndon Johnson (D), who said, “If you give those Ni***rs such and such, they’ll vote for us for the next 200 years.”

Carson pretty much said the liberal wing of the black community was bought off by Johnson, and they continue to be.

He believes Republicans can fix this by not going along with the status quo welfare agenda and,

“come out and discuss more the kinds of relationships and the programs that will actually bring people out of poverty, that will give them the ability to use their God-given talents to rise, rather than to simply be satisfied in a dependent position in society.”

Having some self-respect as and making your own way in life? Offering solutions and not pandering to Democrats? What novel concept, and it took a brain surgeon to tell us.

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