The political world was shocked this week when Donald Trump, for weeks the clear front runner in the Republican race in Iowa, was beaten out by [score]Ted Cruz[/score]. Cruz has claimed that his strong ground game in Iowa set the stage for the victory, but some of Cruz's opponents in the GOP race believe that other issues were at play.

Soon after Cruz announced his victory in Iowa, Ben Carson came forward with some very serious allegations against members of the Cruz camp, allegations that, if true, paint a very different picture of Cruz's victory.

According to sources, members of Cruz's political campaign had spread the rumor that Ben Carson was stepping out of the race, something Carson has called "absolute lies."

While it should be clear to voters that no one is out of the race until they officially announce their resignation, the move by Cruz's campaign is a dirty one. For voters who believed the lies and were going to vote for Carson, it may have made a huge difference in the way that they chose to vote, potentially causing them to cast their lot with Cruz.

"This is a cultural issue," Carson said when questioned about the issue. "When people in your campaign feel that it's okay to distort the issues to their political advantage and to tell absolute lies . . . I think there needs to be some type of responsibility."

Carson, when asked if someone should be fired for the lies, was adamant.

"I think whoever is responsible for the blatant lying should be dismissed, absolutely."

Hopefully none of the GOP campaigns resort to similar tactics in the next primary state, New Hampshire. It's amazing that something like this could go on and not be caught or reported by the people who govern over and watch the elections.

Let the people decide, Cruz. If you're the outright winner that's fine, but let's not have any lying get us there.

h/t: Daily Caller

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