Reports from the Middle East keep getting worse and worse.

News has now come out that not only are ISIS jihadist fighters capturing young girls and using them as sex slaves, but they are even going so far as to use the girls as human shields.

In once instance, an ISIS fighter took an 11-year-old sex slave that he purportedly "owns" under Muslim Sharia law and strapped her to the front of his military jeep. The fighter then drove into a firefight using the girl on the front of his car as a human shield to hopefully dissuade enemies from firing at his vehicle.

According to reports, the young girl who was used as a human shield belongs to a religious minority group called the Yazidi. These Yazidi people have been raped, murdered, and targeted by ISIS and other Muslim factions for the last several years. Those Yazidi who haven't been enslaved, raped, or murdered outright are fleeing northern Iraq for other, hopefully safer environs.

One fleeing refugee said that the atrocities being committed are "A re-run of the stories I heard growing up as a post World War Two child. This is Hitler and Stalin all wrapped up together."

The refugee also said that the things happening are just as bad as the Nazis perpetrated during WWII and the concentration camps where they murdered millions of Jews, another persecuted religious group.

The incredible uprising of ISIS has put the United States in a difficult position. While many would oppose going back to the Middle East with a heavy military presence, the plight of people like the Yazidi and other refugees is undeniable.

However, President Obama has made it clear that his policies regarding the atrocities being committed by ISIS are to stay away from the issue and to hope it disappears.

President, it's not going away and the time is coming when we must either do something to help these people, or remain complicit in the crimes being committed.

h/t: Pamela Geller

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