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If there’s one country that stands alone in its tenacity and ability to continually reinvent itself its Russia.

From a backward country into a world superpower at unimaginable human cost, at the hands of Joseph Stalin, Russia has continually persevered, rising and falling on the world stage, however never losing it’s ability to manipulate world events, and even when by all reasoning it was no longer considered a superpower, it’s influence was still intact.

And has such its people become quite accustomed to the hardships of living and surviving within a tough society.

If anything Russian men within the Soviet Union as this 2013 video graphically illustrates don’t seem to subscribe to the politically correct way of handling the Islamic threat of terrorism.

About twenty Russian men dressed in mixed martial arts attire and all with their shirts off, faced off a bunch of Muslims sparring for a fight which of course proved to be BIG mistake.

In that the Russians aren’t in the least bit intimidated by Muslims, as they attacked a group of reportedly Muslim thugs in the middle of a public area, and beat them to a bloody pulp.

These Russians are “street fighters” however that doesn’t mean Muslims can’t and don’t kill them. It just means they are in for one hell of a fight. These guys don’t back down, and they not only poke the Islamic badger… they pulverize it!

h/t: Right Wing News


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