With the election now less than a week away and the media and pollsters racing to keep up with breaking news about Wikileaks revelations, shocking developments at the FBI and increasingly heated rhetoric from campaign surrogates, the presidential candidates are scrambling for every vote, even in states they once thought were sure things.

Nowhere is that more true than in all-important Florida where early voting began last weekend and more than half of registered voters choose to either mail in their ballot or vote early in person.

Although no one knows how those early voters are leaning, it is known who are casting those votes and that’s looking like a bad sign for Hillary.

Florida election officials report that just slightly more registered Republicans have early voted than Democrats with the margin pointing to a virtual dead heat.

A deeper look at the voters tells a more complicated story – and one that has Clinton spending time in the Sunshine state trying to turn out the vote.

While early voting among Hispanics is high, the enthusiasm Africa-American voters and young millennials showed for Obama has not materialized for Clinton, as hoped.

The vote among African-American early voters is down from 22 percent to 15 percent over 2012.

For Trump, white voters are turning out in big numbers

Mainstream media led with reassuring headlines on Tuesday night ranging from NBC News’ “Reality Check Shows Clinton’s Path to 270 IS Stable,” referencing the necessary electoral votes to win the White House, but the Clinton campaign is spending its valuable time in heavily black areas courting the African-American vote it once took for granted.

In a particularly “Odd Couple” move, the Clintons booked a little-known rapper, Pusha T, at a campaign stop with vice-presidential candidate, Tim Kaine, something African-American activist Leslie Wimes sharply criticized.

“Her campaign is not putting the same sort of resources into getting out the vote in the black community as it is with others. Pusha T. First of all, who is Pusha T? Nobody's going to break their neck to go see Pusha T.”

Worse still, for Clinton, Florida officials report that the majority of independent voters casting early ballots have been white and older, indicating a likelihood that they are lining up in the Trump column.

With all eyes on Tuesday night’s final count, neither side is in a position to let up in an effort to “get out the vote.”

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