Physical violence against women is probably the most sickening thing that someone can be convicted of. Unfortunately, a Michigan man assaulted two women in one night but was saved from an unlikely source.

The man, 23-year-old Randy Regan Jr., was out drinking with friends one night in Coldwater, Michigan. After returning drunk from the bar, Regan entered his girlfriend's bedroom and the couple began yelling. Regan then hit his girlfriend while she was in her bed.

The girlfriend called for help and her mother responded to her cries. Regan, however, threw his girlfriend to the floor and threatened to kill both her and her mother. The threat was frightening enough that Regan's girlfriend called the police.

Between the time that the call was made and the time when the officers responded to the scene, however, the altercation had escalated and Regan also threw the mother to the floor and kicked her in the head.

Luckily the girlfriend's brother arrived home at just the right time.

The young man came home with a group of his friends and immediately grabbed a baseball bat. That real threat from someone who wasn't a defenseless female sent Regan running.

When police arrived they immediately arrested Regan and then medical personnel took the mother and girlfriend to the hospital. The mother was sent to a specialized hospital for closed head injuries and possible brain trauma and the girlfriend was treated for facial and head injuries.

Regan, it turns out, is trying to plead insanity in the case, claiming that he is bipolar and that he should be tried differently in the case. He has a series of domestic violence charges attached to his record, though, and it's clear that this is a dangerous man who needs to be put away before he hurts anyone else in society.


h/t: Fox 17 News

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