As the cultural and religious clashes engulfing Europe continue, a high-ranking Danish government official experienced a taste of what anyone who dares stand up to Muslim youth receives on the streets of the nation’s capital of Copenhagen.

Business owners in Nørrebro, a multicultural neighborhood, begged for help from the government after being targeted with harassment and violence by gangs of young Muslims threatening to turn the area into a “Sharia Zone” if they were not paid “protection money.”

Danish Minister for Integration Inger Støjberg visited a bar to meet the owners and talk with residents, only to be called a “Nazi” by two young Danish women when Støjberg told them, “You all have opportunities. You just need an education and to get on and find a job.”

After they called her a “fascist,” they were detained by police and charged with disturbing public order by swearing at a minister of the government.

Støjberg, who heads up the efforts of the Danish government to help migrants and minorities integrate into society in Denmark, told the press, “The only thing that will help is that they take part in Danish society. You can’t just hang around here all day and harass business owners. They should behave themselves.”


Instead, business owners reported instances when bricks had been thrown through the window of a bar during business hours and another when a gang of young men took over a bar.

“They shouted that all the guests should leave… that the place belonged to them and that Nørrebro is covered by Sharia, so alcohol is forbidden,” the owner told Støjberg.

Posting on her Facebook page after the neighborhood visit, Støjberg wrote that the neighborhood “is not and never will be” a Sharia zone.

Nørrebro was the scene of an Islamist demonstration of more than 500 last October calling for Sharia law in Europe, chanting, “Muslim armies do your duty.”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Local


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