The montage says it all and explains why the liberal mainstream media is unable to accept the results of the 2016 presidential election.

Chris “Tingle Up My Leg” Matthews putting his hand to his brow, Rachel Maddow resembling the sad emoji frowny face as the resurrected Brian Williams tries to comfort her by saying, “This is the time for wisdom.”

Soon to be former Fox anchor and failed NBC acquisition Megyn Kelly dressed in black, face frozen in disbelief.

Lawrence O’Donnell proclaiming with some assumed authority, “America is crying tonight” and Mika Brzezinski confirming, “Everybody is crying.”

Everybody? All of America?

And then Trevor Noah took it to the house. “It feels like the end of the world.”

Seriously – the end of the world?

These were the words and emotions of the mainstream media reporting on the election of an American president.

In the early morning hours of November 9, as their carefully constructed bubble that insulates them from the every day Americans who turned the electoral map red in every county west of Manhattan and east of LA with the exception of Colorado and Chicago, supposed professional journalists gnashed their teeth, wrung their hands and wept as Donald Trump was declared the 45th president of the United States.

But not everyone shared their feelings – conservative actor, James Woods, a minority in possibly the most liberal bastion in America, was enjoying not only the election results, but the TV liberals’ angst.

The Academy Award nominated Woods hasn’t stopped laughing – tweeting at the media’s expense only last week, “Just love watching this still. These are supposedly all objective, responsible journalists...”

 He’s right – nine months after election night, it’s still “must see TV.”

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