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Donta Betts

Donta Betts, a participant in the Freddie Gray riots last year, was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Betts was reportedly on of the was rioters, breaking property and repeatedly attacking police officers.

He reportedly stated after the riots that he acted so violently because he saw the situation as his "opportunity to go wild."

Watching the situation unfold it was easy to tell, from an outside prospective, that some, if not a majority, of the "protestors" were simply taking advantage of the situation for their own personal gain.

The few legitimate protestors were quickly drowned out by people like Betts, who was simply looking for an excuse to act violently. Good on the judge for having the courage to sentence Betts to an appropriate jail sentence, and for not being bullied into leniency by the PC police.

In the court of public opinion it will be very easy to spin this sentencing as a vindictive authority looking for revenge in the wake of a populous uprising.

However, what will go unnoticed is the picture of Betts spraying lighter fluid onto a propane tank in the middle of the riots, an image that, in part, led to extended jail sentence.

People like Betts are bad people, and they use situations like the one in Baltimore to wreak chaos upon law-abiding citizens.

Protest must remain civil, or we risk unleashing another Donta Betts upon the world, and maybe the next one will get hold of something more explosive than lighter fluid.



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