The #CityBloc, #BaltimoreUprising, folks recently stormed the City Hall to demand that the Police Commissioner, who has been working to get the BlackLivesMatter thuggery movement under control, be removed from his post.

“BREAKING: Protesters in the balcony have disrupted #Baltimore @commishkdavis’ City Council appointment hearing”


(Colin Campbell, @cmcampbell16)

Additionally, they want a safe place to riot, a “sacred ground” to mob, assault and batter, and do the thug-ee things thugs do.

The police were called in, and the thugs got bent out of shape, naturally. Things got really upsetting when the thugs, mostly college educated youth, by the way, got thirsty, hungry, and had to go potty.


“Support outside is trying to get us a basic human right…food…we are being denied. #Baltimore Uprising, #BaltimoreUprising, @bccbloc”


In reviewing the timeline of the tweets, it took less than 1-hour before the need for a gender-neutral bathroom became an issue, and less than another 15-minutes before the need for water and the proverbial college pizza party became dire. It looks like they gave up in less than 5 hours altogether.

“We have nothing to lose but our chains, it is our duty to fight for our freedom!” (see video).

And your pizza….water…bathroom…think you can slip “brain” in there anywhere? Wait, you can’t. You tied it behind your back with the chains you put on yourselves. Morons.

This threat on social media was reported to police:

Baltimore, you really need to get your act together. This is as embarrassing to watch and read about as it must be to experience it.  In fact, we are embarrassed for your city.

Source: WZ

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