If one would actually take seriously and consider for a moment the ridicules remarks by the Baltimore Police Commissioner, than perhaps you understand perfectly why Baltimore’s murder rate is soaring, consider his quote:   “There are enough drugs on the streets of Baltimore to keep (residents) high for a year,” he said, adding that so many drugs on the streets have thrown the city off-balance”.


And perhaps nothing else spells incompetence more than those last two words within this self-serving and quite frankly shameful commentary, for not doing the job you were hired to do, in protecting those poor-law abiding citizens that now find themselves between the thugs and incompetent city officials.

Which seems to have infiltrated into every aspect of city government with a combined arrogance laced with an ample dose of incompetence and a willful disregard to actually enforce the rule of law beginning with a clueless mayor encouraging looters to “destroy” their city, to a police commissioner who allowed his men to go into combat against rock throwing thugs ill prepared and without proper equipment.

What is even more “astounding” is that the Commissioner actually outlined in a news conference his own inability to do the job he was hired to do when he referenced that 27 pharmacies were looted by the mob, following the April 19th death of Freddie Gray, while the police were ordered to “stand down”, by apparently the Police Commissioner.

There were at least 43 homicides in May in Baltimore, the most in a month since the early 1970s. “These are not numbers,” Police Commissioner Batts said. “These are people, human beings who lost their lives in the streets of Baltimore.”

And as expected the commissioner wants more federal assistance in terms of agents and federal prosecutors, another indication that city officials cannot to the job.

If anything positive can come out of the carnage and mayhem that is Baltimore, it’s that this tragic event should be a teaching moment in that citizens have the ability to reelect competent public servants, and not those that would exploit the office for their own political gains

h/t: NBC Washington

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