“Incompetence, malfeasants, cover-ups, and stonewalling”, are all fairly accurate descriptions of what is taking place in Baltimore. From a flawed police response to the initial disturbance, that mushroomed into a full-blown riot, to the incompetent and astounding directive to allow thugs to “destroy” the city by the mayor, to a vindictive inexperienced and arrogant  State Attorney’s rush to convict, Baltimore has become a city in crises, in part because of these elected officials

As the drama continues, this time with Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s continued attempt to stonewall the release of Freddie Gray’s autopsy report, and if she can’t prevent that, Mosby is asking the court to agree to a deal to release all evidence in the case online,  by law the prosecutor is required to “remain silent.”

And that seems to be another major issue, in that from the beginning rather than acting like the state's attorney carefully gathering evidence as to the exact cause of Freddie Gray’s death, Mosby by all reasoned accounts, rushed the investigation acting more like an advocate for Freddy Gray rather than seeking justice for all concerned.

And it’s within this hostile backdrop that the question then becomes, “just what is in that autopsy report that has Mosby so worried”?

After failing in her first attempt to block the report, Mosby continued her efforts this week to block the release of Gray’s autopsy and other evidence in the case, according to The Baltimore Sun. Moreover a court filing described as “unusual,” and said outside legal observers found it “bizarre.”

Couple that with the other astounding news that  the police crackdown that led to the arrest and subsequent death of drug suspect Freddie Gray was directed by Mosby herself, the very woman now prosecuting six police officers for what they say was an attempt to comply with her orders.

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