Vandalism discussed as political protest is nothing more than criminal behavior and it should be prosecuted as such.

The spectacle of watching young marauding progressive thugs descending like locus desecrating the memory of American warriors by pulling down a bronze statue of a soldier holding a rifle outside a North Carolina courthouse with a simple inscription "in memory of the boys who wore the gray” is appalling.

However, County Sheriff Mike Andrews said Tuesday his office will seek charges against the protestors.

Andrews referencing the willful vandalism stated, "Collectively, we decided that restraint and public safety would be our priority. As the Sheriff, I am not blind to the offensive conduct of some demonstrators nor will I ignore their criminal conduct. With the help of video captured at the scene, my investigators are working to identify those responsible for the removal and vandalism of the statue.”

More important than this one-act of senseless vandalism is the apparent lack of understanding our nation’s checkered history, and perhaps that’s where America’s school rooms should once again take the lead and begin teaching youngsters a little American history to better understand that conflict which tore America apart

Takiyah Thompson, 22, a member of the Workers World Party, a group that helped organize the protest, said in an interview, that she climbed the ladder and put a nylon rope around the statue with the sole purpose of toppling it, adding "I feel like it's important to tear down these vestiges of white supremacy.”

Which actually is in stark contradiction to why the Civil War was fought in the first place, if indeed Thompson actually believes that her actions on Monday somehow dismantled “white supremacy” then this young lady is extremely delusional, in that the statute actually reaffirms just the opposite, in that those brave young men who fought and died over 150 years ago…fought and died for a losing cause…that’s what history and those monuments teach and reminds us.

Tell us in the comments below if you think those individuals who vandalize Civil War memorials should be federally prosecuted?

Source: Daily Wire

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