“Control, control, control” seems to be the only thing that this administration is actually good at, and now Barack Obama wants to control your local police force, scary? You bet!

And the “transformation” of America continues unabridged, this time Obama’s Justice Department has announced a pilot program to virtually take control of police forces in six cities at a cost to the taxpayers of $4.7 million dollars, all under the guise of “Building Community Trust and Justice”.

Attorney General Holder described the pilot program as a partnership between the federal government and local police. Providing training, research and addressing issues of distrust between citizens and law enforcement. However all one needs to do is to take a look at the recent riots in Ferguson Missouri to get an idea just how effective the Fed’s were in addressing a tragic incident, jumping to conclusions and vilifying a police officer before all the facts were in and actually siding with the young thug attacking the police officer. And creating an environment of distrust, that led to weeks of rioting and mayhem, and then forced to retract all the slanderous comments made to that police officer when the evidence backed up the officers account.

However in order to sell the “transformation of America” you need a few of those willing dupes within that industry to validate your policy similar to those doctors standing behind Obama smiling and wearing their white coats supporting ObamaCare, you need police officers supporting the pilot program at the local level and it seems that Birmingham police Chief A.C. Roper is one of those who supports the program and expressed his delight at the federal takeover.

“We are truly honored that DOJ would select Birmingham as one of six national pilot sites. We truly recognize that the Birmingham Police Department cannot be successful without community support and community trust. This three-year project will allow us to serve as a national police model and increase our capacity to serve our citizens,” said Roper. The six cities aside from Birmingham that have been tagged to participate in the pilot program are Ft. Worth, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Stockton, Gary Indiana, and Birmingham.

Obviously the encroachment of the Justice Department into local policing is troublesome and follows Obama’s world view of centralized power, and his desire to control. However if there is a bright spot to this madness, it’s that Obama’s attempt to “transform America” by executive orders, while lawless and troublesome it can also be easily changed by another administration using the same method, therefore it’s imperative that the next president elected be someone of integrity who respects our constitution, and the principle of law.


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