Just imagine how effective President Trump might be today if John McCain had stayed put in that POW hell-hole in North Vietnam 50 years ago.

Senator-for-life McCain has been the proverbial thorn in Trump's backside since the president's inauguration day.

The power mad McCain, who cast the spoiler vote that killed the Republican repeal of ObamaCare, is now threatening to "make his move" against Trump if he doesn't come up with a better plan on how to pacify troublesome Afghanistan.

McCain voted for every Middle East war that has been tearing the U.S. economy apart with debt. He won't stop until we're at war with Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea, and he's willing to spare no expense in American lives.

The world could end up in smoldering radioactive ruins if McCains's not put out to political pasture soon.

According to Freedom Daily, the neocon warmonger McCain is "not satisfied" with Trump's performance with the military.

We take this to mean Trump hasn't been reckless enough in Afghanistan.

On Monday, McCain reportedly threatened to "produce legislative action" to take over as commander-in-chief if Trump doesn't "produce a military strategy for Afghanistan in September" that makes McCain happy. And only war and body counts seem to make the RINO senator from Arizona happy.

Trump would like the U.S. to withdraw from the costly war of attrition in Afghanistan before any more American lives are needlessly lost.

That sounds like a reasonable plan.

In the waning days of his long occupation of congress, we can see that McCain has very little to offer the American people save for political intrigue, partisan division, and regime change.

The barking Rottweiler McCain now thinks he can stage a soft coup against Trump.

In his twisted dreams.

Is John McCain flirting with treason in threatening to "make his move" against President Trump? Use the comment section below to sound off on this rogue senator's remarks.

Source: Freedom Daily

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